Laser Hair Removal – The Painless Alternative

You might or might not have thought about laser hair removal in the past. This option sounds too good to be true and costs a large sum of money. However, if you are struggling with ingrown hairs, constant razor burns, or if you have hair that grows fast and thick and fast, it is better that you understand more about the laser hair removal procedure and weigh its advantages against the negative pre-perceived thoughts you might have about it.

What is laser hair removal?

Hair growth takes place in cycles, and not every follicle goes through each cycle simultaneously and at the same speed. This technology targets follicles about to enter the active (anagen) hair growth phase, destroying the follicle itself effectively and ending hair growth in a specific area. Thanks to this growth cycle, laser treatment requires several processes to achieve results and needs to be spaced out by 4-6 weeks, from the beginning to the end. The complete procedure takes a couple of months.

For many years, the preconceived notion was that laser removal was most effective on darker hair on lighter skin. However, thanks to advancements in technology, this procedure nowadays yield results for darker skin too. The laser beam targets pigment in the skin. Nevertheless, lasers still work only on dark hair and are not suitable for white, red, gray, and blond hair. The growth of light facial and forearm hair might slow down with laser treatment. However, the results are not so good compared to other areas.

There are affordable options.

Groupon offers you the best deal for individuals seeking laser hair removal. Purchasing treatment packages through them typically offer a minimum discount of 50% on the cost of the procedure, and sometimes even more. Ensure that you go through the fine print meticulously, as the clinic offering the discount might restrict each patient to purchase only one Groupon coupon. This is vital if your area does not have many laser hair removal clinics that accept Groupon offers. Before buying a package decide exactly what you want to treat. We suggest that you begin with the largest areas initially to capitalize on the savings if you are restricted to a single discounted purchase. By all means, spend a bit more to take care of the larger area first in case you know you want to treat your upper lip and underarms.

Groupon permits you to purchase treatments on a small, medium, large, or even an extra-large area. Therefore, check the website of the clinic or spa to understand how they define the sizing of each treatment area before your purchase. For example, a full Brazilian will be an extra-large treatment area whereas your bikini line might be a medium treatment area. Always check the website instead of relying on Groupon’s sizing list.

Ensure you are not taking any restricted medicines

Check the clinic’s website, and go through their new patient forms. You will find a list of contradicted medications like birth control pills, topical solutions, and antibiotics and inform that to your specific practitioner. You might have to wait for the laser hair removal process if you are currently taking antibiotics. Many chemical compounds make skin sensitive to laser exposure and can lead to pigmentation abnormalities or even burns and blisters. Any medicines that make your skin sensitive to sun exposure can negatively react to laser treatment. Therefore, do inform your technician about them.

Remember the timing carefully

The timing of your treatment is the last thing to consider before making the payment. The procedure takes several months to complete, and you will have to avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible during that period. Beginning treatment at the start of the summer season will not be ideal if you desire hairless legs. Fall and winter are for all intents and purposes, the best times for laser hair removal in most areas.

What to know before your first appointment

The procedure does hurt, but the pain is not agonizing. The pain is similar to that you feel when you are full of static electricity and touch something or the discomfort caused if you are struck with a thin rubber band. You can easily bear the discomfort of laser hair removal if you have ever tweezed hair from your body or have used the waxing process. The appointment process takes less than 30 minutes.

Your technician will advise you to shave the night before or on the morning of your appointment. Never wax your hair as this defeats the laser’s purpose of targeting pigment within your follicles. Soak in the tub, exfoliate, shave the hair till the area is bare, and then shave it again.

Apart from the mild pain that occurs when the laser zaps away your hair follicles, you might feel uneasy to strip down in front of a stranger. Get rid of your shyness before opting for an appointment if you want hairless private parts. You should realize that this is as normal for licensed professionals as it is for you to go to the ATM or parallel parking. There is no need for you to be self-conscious. In case you are extremely nervous, avoiding caffeine before treatment eases those jitters. You can take some calming tea or purchase a bottle of Ashwagandha from your health food store. This expensive Ayurvedic adaptogen will help you to settle your nerves.

Choosing A Laser Hair Removal Company

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If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of women who will consider some form of hair removal this year, there’s no doubt that the question of laser hair removal verses electrolysis will come in to play sooner or later. Of course both procedures are beneficial, it simply depends on what you’re looking for. Ask yourself a few questions first to evaluate which may be better for you.

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If efforts to get rid of undesired hair give you burns, nicks, bumps and the headaches of repetitive shaving, waxing or tweezing, hair laser removal might be a choice worth looking at. Hair laser removal is a method, which utilizes beams of extremely concentrated light to go into the follicles of hair. The light is absorbed by a pigment in the hair follicles and kills the hair in the follicle.